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 Budget Request Submission

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PostSubject: Budget Request Submission   Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:31 am

Budget Request: 2013-2014
Kyle Keough
Iowa Powerlifting

1.) Dues: $0
a. There is no membership fee associated with our club.
2.) Fundraising: TBD
a. Fundraising options have been discussed, but no decision has been made as of yet.
3.) Gifts/Solicitation: $0
4.) Allocation: $0
5.) Other: $0
Administrative Expenses:
1.) Administrative: $0
2.) Advertising: $0
a. Advertising expenses have been logged as printing expenses.
3.) Printing: $25.00
a. Printing expenses—for the purpose of advertising—equaled approximately $25.00 for the previous year.
4.) Other: $0
Program Expenses:
1.) Fees/dues: $4000.00
a. This number is a projection based upon the number of current members (46) and the increase in participation at powerlifting meets from year one to year two. Last year, we submitted 23 entries to powerlifting meets at $50 per entry; ten entries were covered with sports club funds ($35 per entry at a discount rate). The remaining 13 entries amounted to $700 (12 $50 entries, plus one $100 entry). Additionally, 15 of our members purchased a total of 16 federation yearly memberships (required to compete in any single powerlifting federation), totaling $480 (at $30 each). We also submitted two team-entry fees for a combined $90. Our program expenses more than doubled from the previous year, and we expect 30-40 meet entries (these can be either $50 or $100, depending upon the competition) with 20-30 membership fees this year; $4000 is a middle-range projection.
2.) Travel: $3500.00
a. Fees associated with travel here include only gas and hotel accommodations. We have been able, in the past, to provide transportation for ourselves. We have found that each meet entry comes with it an average of $100 in travel fees (some competitors do not need hotel lodging; some stay for one night; some stay, if necessary, for multiple nights, depending upon the competition).
3.) Wages/Honorariums: $0
4.) Other: $80.00
a. Our team website costs us $8 per month; this has been self-financed over the previous two years.
5.) Total: $7580.00
1.) T-shirts: $520.00
a. This number was arrived at by accounting for approximately 40 members with an average t-shirt purchase price of $13. T-shirts are part of the necessary attire for a powerlifting competition.
2.) Singlets: $350.00
a. Not all of our members need new singlets every year; this anticipates approximately 10 new entrants for the upcoming year. As with t-shirts, we understand that university funds cannot be allocated towards the purchase of apparel; these are only being listed as expenses in the event that they can be classified as equipment.
3.) Total: $870.00
Total Expenditures: $8475.00

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Budget Request Submission
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