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 UI Powerlifting Constitution

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PostSubject: UI Powerlifting Constitution   Fri Sep 20, 2013 12:45 pm

Date: 06/30/11
Amendments I-III: 9/14/12

The name of the organization shall be “University of Iowa Powerlifting.”

Article I
It shall be the purpose of University of Iowa Powerlifting to provide students, faculty, and staff with a university organization for training and competing in the sport of powerlifting.

Article II
A.) In no aspect of its programs shall there be any difference in the treatment of persons on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or associational preference, or any other classification which would deprive the person of consideration as an individual. The organization will guarantee that equal opportunity and equal access to membership, programming, facilities, and benefits shall be open to all persons.
B.) All members must be affiliated with the University of Iowa, either under the designation of Student or Faculty/Staff. There is no maximum limit for University of Iowa Powerlifting, nor is there a membership fee or tryout process.

Article III
A.) Voting for executive positions—President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer—will be held during the Fall semester of each academic year. Voting may occur up to but no later than November 1st.
B.) A quorum of greater than fifty-percent of University of Iowa Powerlifting’s current membership roster must be present for voting to be held.
C.) Each current member in good standing may vote.
D.) Nominations may be made at the time of voting; self-nominations, as well as the nomination of a peer, are acceptable.
E.) Proxy voting is allowed in the form of a written submission, turned in prior to the vote.

Article IV
A.) University of Iowa Powerlifting shall have a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers comprise the Executive Committee.
B.) All officers must be members of University of Iowa Powerlifting.
C.) The term of office shall be from November 1st until November 1st of the following calendar year.
D.) Election of officers shall be held during the Fall semester of the academic year, up to but no later than November 1st. At least two weeks’ notice shall be given before the voting meeting. Nominations, self- or otherwise, may be made for only one position per person. The person receiving majority vote shall be elected.
E.) Any officer may be removed from office by a three-quarters vote of the Executive Committee. Any officer removed may appeal to the general membership. Said officer shall be considered reinstated with a two-thirds approval of the members.
F.) Any vacancy of an officer’s position may be filled by an additional voting meeting, held at the earliest convenience of the membership body. As is the case for the annual officer elections, the person receiving majority vote shall be elected.

Article V
A.) The President.
1. The president shall be the chief executive officer.
2. The president shall oversee the organization and execution of all University of Iowa Powerlifting events, including but not limited to membership meetings, group training sessions, and meets.
3. The president is accountable for overseeing all interactions with the University of Iowa, including but not limited to the submission and maintenance of all necessary forms, the maintenance of the University of Iowa powerlifting roster, the maintenance of all University of Iowa web resources, and the overseeing of all requests for travel and financial assistance.
4. The president will preside over all University of Iowa Powerlifting team meetings.
B. The Vice President.
1. The vice president shall assume the duties of the president should the position become vacant. In the event of the president’s absence, the vice president shall also assume his or her duties.
2. The vice president will have and keep current copies of the University of Iowa Powerlifting constitution.
3. The vice president will be responsible for scheduling all team-related events, including but not limited to team meetings, group training sessions, and powerlifting meets.
C. The Secretary
1. The secretary shall be responsible for keeping minutes at all team and officer meetings.
2. The secretary will provide a copy of said minutes to all officers—and to those group members who request it—and will keep a log of all recorded minutes.
3. The secretary shall keep and maintain the University of Iowa Powerlifting roster, and shall keep and maintain a full list of member participation and attendance.
D. Treasurer
1. The treasurer shall keep record of all team expenses and transactions.
2. The treasurer shall be responsible for all requests for financial assistance from the University of Iowa, and for keeping a record of the University of Iowa Powerlifting budget.
3. The treasurer will be responsible for checking the accuracy of all bills and invoices and paying them correctly and on time.

Article VI
A.) Regularly scheduled meetings will not be held. Rather, meetings will be held as necessary, and will be made with at least two weeks’ advanced notice. All meetings, as scheduled by the vice president, will be made to accommodate the schedules of the greatest possible amount of group members.
B.) Special or emergency meetings may be called with at least forty-eight hours’ notice by the officer board.
C.) Meetings shall include attendance, the previous meeting’s minutes, the order of business, and a disposition of the minutes.

Article VII
A.) The constitution is binding to all members, but is not binding unto itself.
B.) Amendments to said constitution may be proposed in the form of writing by any general member at a University of Iowa Powerlifting meeting.
C.) For approval, at least two-thirds of the total University of Iowa Powerlifting membership roster must vote for said amendment.
D.) Proposed amendments will enter into effect immediately following ratification by University of Iowa Powerlifting’s general membership.


Amendment I, to Article II, Section B
A.) As per University of Iowa sports club requirements, University of Iowa Powerlifting must maintain at least a 51% University-affiliated member majority, but can allow members not affiliated with the University to join.

Amendment II, to Article III, Section A
A.) Interim officers may be assigned in the event that an extant officer plans on leaving or graduating from the University of Iowa in the spring semester. If said officer will not be returning to the university, an interim election, held during the spring semester when necessary, will take place. The voting may occur up to but no later than February 1st.
B.) All fall-semester voting procedures apply for interim elections.
C.) The tenure of an interim officer will commence with the final day of the spring semester—or earlier, if an arrangement is reached between the outgoing officer and his/her interim replacement—and end with the date of fall-semester elections on the following academic year.

Amendment III, to Article III, Section A and Article IV, Sections A and B
A.) Fall elections shall be held up until but not later than October 1st, not November 1st.
B.) The tenure of officers will last not from November 1st to November 1st, but will take effect immediately after being voted in and/or out of office. Officers will preside from the date upon which they’re elected until the date of the following election, dates which shall be upheld by or before October 1st of each academic year.
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UI Powerlifting Constitution
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