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 10/6/13 Meeting Notes

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Class I
Class I

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PostSubject: 10/6/13 Meeting Notes   Wed Oct 09, 2013 6:01 pm

10/6/2013 Meeting Notes

1. Sports club meeting
-Chris and Janis attended meeting
-Rec services has instituted a $5 fee for all members of sports clubs.
-We were informed that all officers must be UI students
-Rec services now requires all officer elections for the following year be conducted
before May 1st.

2. Officer reelections
-Because all officers must be UI students, elected VP Janis could not serve
-Chris C. was nominated to fill the VP position and was elected without contest
-Seth was nominated to fill Chris C.'s previous secretary position and was elected

3. FY14 Budget
-Chris A. received our budget for this upcoming year
-We received $400, $50 less than last year
-Rec services wants proof of all expenses regarding competition, keep receipt
-This will come in handy next year when turning in budget request
-Kyle suggested covering $200 worth of meet entries, and have those who got a
free meet putting money towards other members $5 sports club fee
-Kyle also brought up the possibility of fundraising at the UPA meet

4. Upcoming Meets
-10/12 USAPL Best of the Midwest--Cedar Rapids
-10/26 NASA Iowa Regional--Des Moines
-11/16-17 UPA Power Weekend--Dubuque
-We have members competing and watching at all of these meets, if you need a ride
there is a thread on the forum with a list of spectators and lifters.
-We still have gold card entries that can be used for a free entry to the NASA meet

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American-Record Holder

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PostSubject: Re: 10/6/13 Meeting Notes   Thu Oct 10, 2013 7:52 am

Thanks for posting this up on the forum, brah. When we do an e-mail reminder for the next meeting, we can send them this link for the notes. It would help keep people informed, and it would get them on here.
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10/6/13 Meeting Notes
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