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 Monster Pixel pictures/videos from the UPA meet

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Chris Anderson
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Anabolic Furnace

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PostSubject: Monster Pixel pictures/videos from the UPA meet   Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:21 pm

I've been talking to Monster Pixel lately about getting pictures and videos from the UPA meet. Right now, they are offering a $65 deal per person that includes all of the pictures of that person and video of all the third attempts. These are all going to be edited and professionally done. If everybody who competed buys one, we can get it for $45 per person. However, I know not everybody is going to want to pony up that money, and that's certainly reasonable. If you want to buy a picture/video DVD, please post here ASAP. I want to give a response to them by tomorrow or Wednesday at the absolute latest.

I will keep a list of everybody who wants one in this thread.

Chris Anderson

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Monster Pixel pictures/videos from the UPA meet
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