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 Meeting: March 9

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Class I
Class I

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PostSubject: Meeting: March 9   Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:01 pm

• Intramural meet
  o Could improve
    • Distribution between two sessions, more time, more warm up space
  o Did well
    • We had a “crowd”
    • Flowed pretty smooth
    • Not any real “mishaps”
    • Good meet by all competitors
• Seminar recap that took place today
  o Could improve
    • More time at each station, more specific
    • More specialized in each lift or programming or meet planning
• T-Shirts
  o Should be ready by Wednesday
  o Will have about 200 dollars left
• SPF meet recap
  o Janis competed and had a great meet.  She went 6/6 with a 145lb bench and 340lb deadlift
• Drake Powerlifting wants to do something together.  Possibly a training session together?
• Special Olympic Meet—Taking place on the 15th in the Fieldhouse.
• Upcoming meets
  o NASA 3/15 in Des Moines
  o 4/24 in Des Moines—not full power
  o UPA 4/12—in Wisconsin
• Club social event
  o Pot luck
  o Facebook event for meetings?
• Will need new officers next year—elections in April sometime.
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Meeting: March 9
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