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 Looking forward: A couple meets to think about

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Chris Anderson
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PostSubject: Looking forward: A couple meets to think about   Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:38 pm

Because I will not be here for the spring semester, I am looking for a potential meet sometime in January to compete in before I ship out. I've found a couple, and I might as well share what I've found, in case any of you are interested:

NASA Gilmer East Texas Open- January 5th, Gilmer, TX

I don't know how big this one usually is, but I can find out. We are all NASA members, so we wouldn't have to worry about extra membership fees. Of course, there's still meet fees (which I would expect would be the same as a typical NASA meet), and travel costs would be a lot higher than an in-state meet, but it should be some good competition; some of NASA's best lifters are from the south, especially Texas.

USAPL HS/Collegiate PL Championships- January 12-13, Clarks Summit, PA


This one is a little less likely. It would require extra membership fees, and while I don't know know much meet fees are for this meet, I have sent an email to the meet director Steve Mann to get more information about fees. Another thing to think about is that I believe this meet requires a USAPL qualifying total, but I don't know for sure. Again, I have asked about this. Any more information will be posted.

UPDATE: There is no qualification for this meet. Entry forms will be available in the next two weeks. I believe membership fees for a year are $45.

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Looking forward: A couple meets to think about
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