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 Meeting 9/20/2015

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Paige Haberman
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Class IV

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PostSubject: Meeting 9/20/2015   Sun Sep 20, 2015 5:23 pm

-why the fuck isnt anyone using it?
-Reminder: the forum is an awesome place to communicate on possible difficulties in training or sweet accomplishments to show off. Also great resource for info and

upcoming meets/competitions
In order for us to be a competitive club we need "competitions". Here they are.
-Magni Squat challenge
squat your body weight as many times you can within five minutes
-Magni Mock Meet
Same as last year! More info to come
-Super Total Meet
If you can do the olympic movements, you can compete in the super total meet which includes all oly lifts and powerlifting lifts. It will be held with the oly club.
-Magni Yule Log Challenge
Strong man challege. Kinda. Essentially an overhead press challenge.
-Intramural Meet
Not until February. Anyone in the school can compete. Great chance to show up all the gym bros!
-ISU meet
A mock meet held at ISU. Great way to meet lifters from other schools!

Start thinking of ideas for a new t-shirt design!

Sanctioned meets
UPA- too late to sign up for the Juniors division. Open division is still accepting lifters.
November 14th and 15th (Open on Saturday; Juniors on Sunday)
APF- too late to sign up, but Zach is doing it, so go and show him support!

22nd St. Trip
We are trying to put together a 22nd Street seminar to go and learn from the best! We will go to Des Moines and meet up with the best lifters in powerlifting who train at 22nd Street and learn how to enhance our lifts. This was a huge success last year, so we strongly encourage you all to participate.
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Meeting 9/20/2015
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