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 28 February 2016

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Class IV
Class IV

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PostSubject: 28 February 2016   Sun Feb 28, 2016 6:07 pm

Dues: $5
  • usually everything is paid by club funding, but this semester we are a bit short on club funding

  • We will be checking through orgsync for the roster

  • Rec Services will be coming to a workout, and checking if everyone there is on the orgsync. If not, we will get in trouble.

We want two new power bars in the Olympic Lifting room, and must pay ourselves.
  • $200-300 each

No $5 T-shirts next year, that cost us a lot of money this year.
Talked to Luke Kennedy at Magni about fundraising; idea is to have a booth at UPA to sell apparel.
  • would need to have someone sponsor us to make all this apparel, and then sell it, and hope we make money

  • It is $200 for a booth at UPA, but we can hopefully get this waved by putting Dungeon of Pride on the back of one of our shirts

  • Just need someone to front us the money, could look at JB Boss, Magni, or Dungeon of Pride

  • some football player may represent our stuff to help with publicity

  • could do some other fundraising to raise the initial money for the booth and apparel

  • would have to think about Pride of Dungeon and affiliation problems with that and the school

Perhaps have another mock meet at Magni for fundraising, would try to have better advertising this time, even more people to come
  • Invite ISU people, QC people, any other people, all proceeds would go to club funding.

Car wash, baked goods at Magni?
Next meeting (March 13) is cancelled, because it is spring break
Need money for next year if we want to do USAPL Collegiate Nationals
  • Zac Cooper wants to get us down there, we just need the money

  • Qualifying totals are pretty low, biggest issue will be getting people to compete in a USAPL meet

  • They want to bring a meet to 22nd Street Barbell (Des Moines), not sanctioned yet, but they are working on it. Will be in July.

  • USAPL meet June 4 in St. Louis

  • USAPL meet August 16 in Lincoln, Nebraska ($65, cheap)

USAPL meets:
  • no monolift, must walk out the bar yourself

  • all power bar, no deadlift bar

  • long pauses

  • squat depth must be there, very strict

There is a USAPL meet in Chicago next weekend, Michael Thompson is competing
Magni Squat-o-thon March 19, weekend before spring break ends, must bring 10 food items to compete
  • 5 minutes squatting bodyweight on bar for reps

  • Deadline to sign up: March 12. There's a post on facebook

Start thinking about elections
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28 February 2016
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